Everything You Need to Know About the PROS App!

By Bianca Manna

Moodboard Logo PROS App

PROS App is a simple application that allows users to manage and organize any current work or upcoming projects. Users will be able to create an account or log in by filling out the required fields. Once logged in, the interface will present three different sections allowing PROS users to either, add new projects, view current projects or add tasks to those current projects. Not only does the PROS app include various features, such as an archive button or the option of adding deadlines to certain tasks, but these features will also be animated by subtle transitions. These micro-interactions will be strategically placed throughout the app making the experience user-friendly. The color palette for this app will consist of an ice white color that will be applied to the background of the app, accompanied by a very dark blue which will be applied to the main text. Finally, a classic orange color will act as an accent color for any main titles found in the app. This palette was chosen to radiate a sense of organization, as these colors are simple and clean. To visualize the idea of the design, as well as the micro-interaction, the creation of a mood board was put in place to reflect the different elements of the app.